No filter.

No filter.


I am sitting in what will likely be my new office and am admittedly in a bit of bliss. It has now been over a month that I have been in Athens, and things are going better than I could have imagined. Everything falling into place. My relationship is flourishing, sex remains incredible, unexpected work has been found, and our social life has back-to-back plans. Lucky Joanna, huh? No, not lucky, just persistent and hard-working… I fought to be here, and I fought hard. I mean, literally fought – arguments, tears, and slammed doors to keep us going – us being the relationship that brought me to Athens. So now, it’s time to take of the filters and start revealing the truths of how I got here, what’s happened, and what’s happening and share my newest adventure – the good the bad the glamourous and the ugly. I am not going to hide. What will likely follow in upcoming entries will be a combination of beautiful but dark, and all very raw. It is not for everyone, and I am sorry for (not to) those who it offends.

I love the man I am with, and as I have said before and will say again he often makes me love myself and life more than I did before. Often does not mean always, and even often has been a struggle to get to. He is not easy; the most difficult thing about him is how easy he thinks he is. Perhaps the most difficult thing about me is how much I see, how much I feel, and how much I accept that I will constantly be figuring myself out.

Could you be with someone who is constantly speaking his mind, with no filter? It’s a double edged sword, but as I feel it, this side is sharper.

If you follow my instagram you will likely recognize the above photo… but this one is without a filter. It is from a hotel in a part of Greece called Loutraki. It is from our first one of our very first wild adventures… I know, I know, that has probably sparked some interest. 😉