10558: My New Postcode

10558: My New Postcode

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I am pretty sure I can remember all my postcodes, which I really am happy to be writing down as am sure they will soon be forgotten. So, in order: 02169, 02115, 54636, 91602, W93LY, N14HA, and now 10558. (PS. That’s Quincy, MA, USA; Boston, MA, USA; Thessaloniki, Greece; Los Angeles, CA, USA; (two) London, UK; Athens, Greece).

I moved back to Greece, this time to the neighborhood of Plaka in Athens, and judging by the last two weeks I could not be happier with the decision. Why did I move to Greece in the middle of a financial and political mess? Well, no beatingĀ around the bush: I moved for love. Love forĀ a country I once lived in, love for a city I have spent a lot of time in, and love for a man who makes me love myself and life more than before. And, I’ll be real, unlike the other time I moved to Greece, the Greek man had a lot (majority… large majority) to do with it. There will be a lot to write about him, about me,… about us. I have learned and continue to learn so very much.